We face a serious task and a challenge at same time, which we hadn’t faced yet.

We want our museum to be registered.


What does it mean?

A registered museum is a museum, which has been entered into a special, departmental list. Following art. 13 law concerning museums:

“To affirm a high level of factual activity and a meaning of collections and to file a document of museums meeting those conditions, minister of culture and national heritage protection hosts a Museums National Register, called “Register”

We have already begun works preparing us to this insanely important moment. We change not only visually, but substantially and organizationally.

Into the range of works, a verifications of procedures, intensification of work in terms of scientific collections, organization of a substantial archive, expansion of the collections and acts of increasing abilities of the employees are about to come in.


We think that the name of this museum may also change.

Static, fundamental name – Municipal Museum in Żory –

May be changed by

Dynamic, future building – MUZE.ON.

Briefly and incisively.


MUZE.ON is supposed to be read as:

Muzeon – a place where various muses meet

Muze on – an active museum.



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