Museum’s principal

Ph.D. Lucjan Buchalik

Responsible for totality of Museum’s activity.



Katarzyna Podyma

Chief Registrar


Master degree in history and history of arts, Jagiellonian University in Krakow graduate.

Museologist, actively taking care of practice and museum theory; authoress of museum projects „Yatenga” and „The Polish Way of Learning The World”; authoress and co-authoress of projects, due to whom the Museum achieved title of Self-government Leader of Management for „Integrated Development Plan of the Municipal Museum 2014” in investments category, an award for „Museum Event of the Year Sybilla 2016” in ethnographic exhibitions category; authoress of lots of exhibitions concerning non-European cultures organized within various museum facilities in the country; participant of scientific-exploratory expeditions in countries of West Africa; she helds her own researches within confines of „As Phoenix from dusts” project; specialist in terms of cultural-educational projects relevant to non-European cultures; awarded many times for educational activity, including individual award given by the principal of Culture’s Animation Centre in Warsaw for „Closer to Africa” (2001) project, twice awarded by the European Language Label of Socrates Agency for projects: „Ja-Ty-My. Mois-Tois-Nous” and „Lab – Francophonie Belgium” (2002, 2007), she also achieved a merit in contest concerning The Most Important Museum Event of The Year „Sybilla 2003” organized by Ministry of Culture and Arts for two-stage educational project „Ja-Ty-My. Mois-Tois-Nous” (1), „Arts – interactive way of learning” (2) and Marshal of Silesian Voivodeship for „Following traces of chocolate…” project.

She is main stock taker and takes care of managing museum’s collections; responsible for functioning of Standards of Executive Control in Museum.

Hobby: old-fashioned music, arts, creative conversations along with good vine and cheese.


Division of the non-European Cultures

Małgorzata Dec

She graduated Department of Cultural Ethnology and Anthropology of Silesian University in Cieszyn.

Within the confines of bachelor’s dissertation, she held researches with help of observation among contemporary, polish neopagans. Authoress of dozen or so scripts of lessons for children concerning ethnology of Poland.

In the Museum she’s responsible for collections of Division of non-European Cultures.

Hobby: contemporary manifestations of devotion, ethnology of Poland and non-European tribes, history of beliefs system. Besides that, she’s passionate about horror movies and polish folklore.


Division of History and Region’s Culture

Jacek Struczyk


Ethnology master degree, Silesian University graduate.

Author of dozen or so exhibitions concerning ethnology, anthropology of culture and photography; trailblazer and curator of „Gallery Under Cloud” (2005 – 2010) and co-editor of photo album „Żory. Mine – Yours – Ours”; he received a merit from Marshal of Silesian Voivodeship for the Museum Event of 2008 in category „activities concerning cultural initiative and popularization of cultural heritage” for project „Homo Ludens”.

Responsible for collections of Division of History and Region’s Culture and safety of museum’s data.

Hobby: anthropology of daily life and photography.


Division of Education

Tomasz Górecki

Museum’s Assistant

Political science master degree, Silesian University graduate.

Co-author of publication „Upper Silesia’s Dukes. Choice of characters.”, „Insignia’s of Żory”, co-editor of publication „Żory Lexicon”, member of editing council of „Żory’s Callendar”, author of lots of articles concerning Żory’s and region’s history. Author of educational project „Silesians under Grunwald”, realizes (co-operating with ZHP Żory and WKU Rybnik) projects concerning taking care of places of national memory and promotion of modern patriotism. Participant of „Ossendowski 2013” expedition to Mali and Guinea and speaker at 4th African Congress in Żory (2015).

Responsible for coordination of educational activities and for safety and protection of collections.

Hobby: Silesia in medieval times, sariana, international relations in sub-saharian Africa, history of army.

In private: instructor at Club of Martial Arts „Shogun” in Żory, member of ZHP.


Joanna Cyganek

Museum’s education specialist

Polish philology master degree, Silesian University in Katowice graduate.

Journalist associated with Gazeta Żorska, editor of Solo-Press publisher (until 2015). Employee at the Municipal Museum in Żory.

Responsible for informational policy of the Museum.

Hobby: belles-lettres


Danuta Kolarska (currently on vacation)

Museum’s education specialist

Alumna of Training College in Racibórz, subject: pedagogy.

Authoress of dozen or so scripts concerning lessons and workshops at the Museum. Co-authoress of „Bajtel” and „Podróż w nieznane” – magazines for children. Participant of 3rd International Pictorial Setting at „Jan” Gallery in Jankowice.

Responsible for museum’s education.

Hobby: handicraft, interior design, painting, travelling, photography.


Marietta Kalinowska-Bujak

Museum’s education specialist


Division of Promotion and Publications

Anna Flaga

Promotion specialist

Arts master degree, J. Matejka’s Academy of Fine Arts graduate, subject: painting.

Painter, authoress of individual and collective exhibitions, curator of arts exhibitions in the Museum, member of ZPAP; merited and awarded at polish painting and photography contests; participant of international pictorial settings; she is into easel painting, computer graphics, photography and 2D graphic design.

She creates Museum’s image; she gives a realistic, artistic shape to every museum’s idea; she is responsible for promotion and publications.

Hobby: arts and skiing.


Tatiana Hojczyk

Graphic specialist

Engineer, Московского Государственного Горного Университета (МГГУ) and secondary music school - Музыкальная школа при СОШ №301 в Москве.

Computer design specialist (Computer Aided Design), the most exact mind among the Museum’s employees.

She is responsible for graphic projects of publications and all of the educational activities.

Hobby: photography and music.


Division of Administration and Staff

Ewa Macura

Manager of the Division

Technician economist, Policealne Studium Zawodowe in Cieszyn graduate.

She has over 30 years of experience, backed with lots of trainings and seminaries, she is a Staff, administration specialist (those of contracts with creators, privacy law) and public orders.

She is responsible for a proper functioning of museum’s Staff and for state of museum’s infrastructure.

Hobby: fantasy literaturę, alpine tourism, sports – running and cycling.


Division of finances

Marzanna Sobik

Main accountant

Economy master degree, Economical University in Katowice graduate.

She has certification from Minister of Finance, over 30 years of experience in this profession, regularly participates at trainings and seminaries concerning social insurance, personal taxes, VAT and corporate taxes.

Responsible for the Museum’s finances.

Hobby: travelling, detective stories, fantasy literaturę.


Marta Szafraniec

Office service specialist

Sociology master degree, Silesian University graduate.

Responsible for office’s functioning, documents and keeps a meeting calendar, contact with suitors and cooperation with Museum’s Council.

Hobby: detective stories and biographies, fitness and skiing.


Special Internal Library

Jan Delowicz

Young documentarian

The most important historician in the Museum. Endless source of information about Żory’s history, complicated fate of Żory’s Jewish borough and dark cards of history of WWII. As an effect of many years spent on archives scattered on the whole World is a little library concerning Żory’s (and its inhabitants) history. Over 200 articles, lots of scientific studies and conferential performances and finally – over 10 books released – it is a biggie.

Responsible for internal library functioning.

Among lots of hobby, there should be mentioned those concerning Jewish culture. They appeared not only in historical publications in terms of functioning of Jewish borough in Żory, but, first of all, in his activities concerning remains of this presence in this town and promote knowledge of cultural variety.


Municipal Information Point

Katarzyna Hońska-Guzik

Sales and information specialist

Technical Service Group

They are indispensable in our Museum – without them we would not function properly. They take care of cleanliness and technical condition of the building. They help us with setting up of exhibitions and organzation of all of the events. They are invisible, yet they deserve for the highest laurels.


Mariola Karakuła

Katarzyna Brożyna

Andrzej Mroczek

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