We had an honor to take in participants of 4th Congress of Polish Africanists, which since 2007 gathers specialists of various scientific branches, who desire to expand their knowledge concerning currently held, African-themed researches.


This time, the Museum was a support for Polish Association of Africanists, taking role of the congress’ host.


Subject of the congress took over broadly understood problems, because organizers wanted it to be interdisciplinary. We’ve also wanted the congress to be open for people not concerned with scientific environment. That’s why, besides open-air sessions, in congress’ program there were open lectures, which allowed people to “meet Africa” in its best, popular-scientific shape.


Congress’ proceedings had place from 26th to 28th of November, 2015, in a new facility of the Municipal Museum in Żory. Special background of the congress was an exhibition “The Polish Way of Learning the World”, which significant part accords to issues of polish researches held on African continent.


Information and help service were:

Leader – Ph.D. Lucjan Buchalik (Principal, the Municipal Museum in Żory)



Ph.D. Małgorzata Szupejko (Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures PAN)

Master degree Katarzyna Podyma (vice-Principal, the Municipal Museum in Żory)

Małgorzata Dec (Division of non-European Cultures, the Municipal Museum in Żory)

Master degree Anna Flaga (Division of Promotion and Publications, the Municipal Museum in Żory)


In activities of scientific committee partook:

Prof. DSc Jacek Pawlik SVD

Prof. DSc Jarosław Różański OMI

Prof. DSc Ryszard Vorbrich

Prof. DSc Arkadiusz Żukowski

DSc Jacek Łapott.


All details concerning organization of congress are available at www.kongresafrykanistyczny.pl, tab “archiwum”.


We hope that the atmosphere aided intellectual effort and meetings made a stay in Żory a pleasant memory. Scientific reflection will be perpetuated by publication, which we plan to release in 2017.



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