Dear reader, if you came to this page, doubtlessly you’re eager to know us – employees of the Municipal Museum in Żory.

You are welcome to our world, which is a world of science, opened to creative thinking and unique ideas. We hope this meeting will be reciprocally inspiring.

We are a team of young people, but without a exaggeration. We are proud of that some of us are “scientifically older” but still with young spirit inhabiting within.

We think that a modern museum is a museum, that is opened for various recipients and ideas. Opened, but not adapting to current trends in a mindless way. We are individualists in terms of approach. For us, museum is a place of science by the sense of sight and hearing. In this case, we claim that science is curious, funny and immersive.


We have created a mission, which we consistently realize. We claim that “learning of the world begins in a museum”, no matter how old we are. It depends on us, museologists, if that learning will have any sense.


We encourage you to know us closer and for a talk. 

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