“Museum’s Friend” is an honourable award given annually to private people and institutions, which in the past year in the unique way got into the Museum’s history.


Until 2013 it was a statuette, whose main element was a sculpture made of bronze, concerning traditions of founding which have place in West Africa since XIVth century.

Each piece was made by African artists-craftsmen. Every award was different and unique, just as the Museum’s Friends are.


Statuettes presented musicians playing traditional instruments, accompanied stories of African griots. They tell a history of realms and people of West Africa, just as Friends, who tell the history of our museum.


In this manner, the most municipal institutions were marked, as well as persons from the political/cultural/media/business world as well, but first of all – people, who contributed themselves to the Museum’s raising and who pass us their own collections and exhibits.



Opening of a new facility became a cause of changes. In this way, in the Museum’s history appeared MUZEON – new award. Katarzyna Podyma was the trailblazer and Anna Flaga came up with a visual form.

New friends received MUZEONs in 2015 as a sign of our thankfulness and respect.

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