Museum educational programme for primary school includes:

1. cultural-educational projects

2. constant offer of classes

3. occasional workshops

4. trips



Project system is a base of museum educational activities.

Cultural-eduactional project is understood as a cycle of classes, meetings, lectures, workshops and shows, which purpose is to create an offer that assures full message spectrum of topics’ range.

Projects are concerning issues relevant to history of town and region and non-european cultures as well, within the meaning of geographical, historical and cultural issues.



Museum lessons are ordered into basic cycle of knowledge about town, region and the world. However, it is not a rigid solution. It can be modified in terms of adjustment to teacher’s demandings. E.g. in terms of lessons “A journey to Africa”, teacher can order lesson concerning only ancient Egypt.



Trips offer is a new thing concerning museum education. It is thought as a complex offer assuring 1-day education in the chosen topic. Lessons realized within it are wrought as a serious lessons, and less serious as well but also as scientific games and plays. If a teacher desires, in trip’s programme things such as : meal, tea or lunch can be included.

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