We’re eager to cooperate. We’re happy that others want to work with us and share their experience. We willingly present our collections, offering our knowledge and experience at the same time. Some of our partners we treat as our friends, others we’re yet to know. Nevertheless, everybody is equally precious.


In terms of organization and management for an attention deserve:

Town Hall in Żory – our Organizer

Katowice’s Special Economical Area – with which we share space of Haering’s villa and fertilely cooperate

Municipal Cultural Centre – with which we’ve created great things and those less significant many a time

Żory Town Lovers Association – their knowledge is always an aid for us.


Among partners there is a large group of museum institutions, which support us when we’re lacking exhibits depicting our creative ideas. Due to them, there are still magic items and astonishing exhibitions appearing in Żory:

  • National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw
  • Museum of Asia and Pacific in Warsaw
  • Ethnographic Museum in Kraków
  • National Museum in Szczecin
  • National Museum in Warsaw
  • Museum of Katowice’s History
  • Silesian Museum
  • Museum of Art and Japanese Technique Manggha
  • Tatra Museum in Zakopane


There are also these, with whom we work, due to their big and necessary things they make. They change the World:

  • Education for Peace Association in Warsaw
  • Centre of Mission and Evangelization in Dzięgielów
  • Scholastic Collegium of Foreign Languages in Jastrzębie – Zdrój
  • Education for Democracy Association in Warsaw


For a respect and reminder also deserve all of embassies and consulates, with which we cooperated due to cultural-educational projects:

  • Embassy of Guatemala in Berlin
  • Delegacy of Wallonia-Brussles next to Embassy of Belgium in Warsaw


In the end we keep the real “pearls” among the cooperating associations. When we think of them, we’re speechless:

  • Polish Museologists Association – because they’re us, multiplied
  • Polish Association of African Studies – because they’re us going to Africa to gain experience, but they’re more clever

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