Dear benefactors!

Because of your generosity and understanding our collection is so huge.

Because of your approach there are still new objects coming out.

Because of your knowledge, informations about important people, places and events won’t be forgotten.


We’re so thankful that you remember us, and the most importantly – you care about keeping past in our memory. Thank you all, who pass us exhibits to the Department of History and Region’s culture, and those, who keep passing us overseas beauties with a thought of passing them to us.

Every meeting with us is a huge pleasure. See you then…


Dear reader, if you are in possession of items or documents concerning town’s/region’s history or objects from distant lands and you don’t know what to do with them – come to us. We would be thankful for every one item.


In the end, we go back with the memory to all, with whom we had an opportunity to work with and who left a piece of history in our Museum.


Benefactors (alphabetical order):

  • Artur Bal
  • Małgorzata Bimler
  • Sebastian Bębenek
  • Alojzy Błędowski
  • Bolesław Brząkalik
  • Alfred Buchta
  • Józef Chmiel
  • 최 한 웅 (Choi Han Woong) (Korea Fuel-Tech Poland in Seul)
  • Monika Cybul-Słowikowa
  • Bogdan Cygan
  • Artur Danecki
  • Iwona Dolo
  • Urszula Dudek
  • Marek Dzierżęga
  • Harry Elsner
  • Johanna Globisch-Schymalla
  • Helena Bolda-Błahut
  • Elżbieta Maria Grymel
  • Barbara Jankiewicz
  • Gerda Jeziorek
  • Paweł Kajzerek
  • 김 형 주 (Kim Hyung Jou)
  • Henryk Kremel
  • Marzena Kuczera
  • Halina Lerman
  • Leszek Lesiński
  • John Liyaba
  • Jacek Łapott
  • Aleksandra Małyj
  • Alfons Mazur
  • Maria Muras
  • Andrzej Niedoba
  • Zbigniew Nogajski
  • Amalia Otręba
  • Ryszard Otręba
  • Witold Pawlas
  • Piotr Piechota
  • Ewa Rotter-Płociennikowa
  • Urszula Sienkiewicz
  • Ludwik Stryczek
  • Tomasz Sutkowski
  • Fryderyk Szendera
  • Grażyna Szymura
  • Joanna Wala
  • Gustav Wilhelm and Birgit Schlothauer
  • Anna Wyciszak
  • Grażyna Zarzecka-Czech
  • Ewa Zaborowska
  • Stefanie Zweig
  • Andrzej Żabka

Among the benefactors there are also institutions:

  • Zespół Szkół Budowlano-Usługowych in Żory
  • LO II in Żory
  • SP nr 8 in Żory
  • Żorska Spółdzielnia Spożywców
  • KFTP
  • SP nr 11 in Rój
  • Town Council in Żory
  • „Pro Mundi” Association


In the end we just mention that even employees tend to deposit their gifts in the Museum. We do it with happiness being conscious of that we will see it on the exhibition…

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