Since the beginning the Museum carried out projects in the field of development education.

Development Education

Educational activities are carried out on the basis of the "Theory of One Project", which aims to:

• the nature of culture knowledge and educational projects,

• presenting the widest possible perspective of cultural differences,

• interdisciplinarity,

• taking cultural dialogue,

• multi-stage and long-time projects,

• openness offer diverse in terms of the content and tailored to the age of the recipient,

• emphasis on educational work, constituting an essential element of the project.


By 2015, the museum has implemented 15 cultural and educational projects.

Innovation projects has won several awards. Prizes can include award "Sybilla" awards Marshal of the Silesian province and award European Language Label


Regional Education

Since 2010 in the context of museum education activities are carried out Regional Education Centre. The main goal of CER is to educate regional competence, skills of analysis and on the choice of content related to the culture of the region available for pre-school children and youth, as well as equal opportunities for students to gain knowledge about the place of residence and region.

Regional Education Centre implements the project "Live lessons about region" conducted in accordance with the program copyright, "I am the heir and creator of cultural heritage."

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