We claim that museums are for people. Even though we work as a company, using modern solutions concerning management, earning is not the end-all for us. In this way we try to fulfill a mission, which encounters all of the museums – to share knowledge without any limits.


We prepare various offer, inviting You to our Museum often. We claim that the price of a ticket shouldn’t be an obstacle to visit us often.


Ticket prices


Full-fare ticket – 10 zł
Half-ticket – 7 zł
Ticket for temporary exhibitions – 5 zł
Family ticket – 20 zł

On Thursdays individual visitors are free of charge.


Ticket prices for educational classes:

Classes – 7 zł per person
Classes (with use of exercise book) – 9 zł per person
Workshop – 10 zł per person


Tickets for meetings, lectures – 2 zł


We encourage you to do familial visits to our Museum. We try to make our exhibitions attractive for the youth so it will teach them how to be open to the World and its richness.


Due to needs of quick visit, which would be forced by the youngest family member, we’ve prepared so called ISLANDS OF KNOWLEDGE. It is a special place in the Museum, where children can play, paint, solve a puzzle, build and set up shattered “elements of the knowledge about the World”.


ISLANDS are available for 5 zł.

We encourage you to spend spare time creatively.


Prices are not a rigid thing. From time to time they change, not necessarily on the minus side of visitors. Such informations we pass respectively earlier.


Who deserves half-ticket?

Youth attending to school, students up to 26 y.o., seniors and annuitants.


Free enter is provided for caretakers of school groups, museum employees, owners of Żory’s Senior Card, members of Polish Museologists Association and ICOM after presenting valid document.

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