Museum programme for high school includes:

1. Cycle of oxford debates

2. Topical lessons for order

3. Individual lessons upgrading students’ knowledge.



Project system is a base of museum educational activities.

Cultural-eduactional project is understood as a cycle of classes, meetings, lectures, workshops and shows, which purpose is to create an offer that assures full message spectrum of topics’ range.

Projects are concerning issues relevant to history of town and region and non-european cultures as well, within the meaning of geographical, historical and cultural issues.



In the educational works an offer for high school students was included. It is to rise its abilities in terms of leading the discourse, reasoning and rhetoric. Topic of the debat is concerning actual social-cultural issues. In every debate there will participate team representing two schools. Its purpose is to overcome an enemy with reasoning and eloquence of statement. To every debate there will be experts invited – scientists, journalists and specialists in the chosen field.

Oxford debate is a kind of debate with a precisely established process. Its task is to discuss the thesis. Debate is between the defenders and opponents of this thesis. On which side a team should be they find out just before debate’s beginning. Debate is led by Marshal, who leads the discussion and takes care of following the rules. He has a Secretary by his side so he can take care of time and order of speaking. In oxford debate it is forbidden to offend or laugh at Speakers speech, as well as other, uncivil behaviours.




Having in mind the type of educational work in high school, we deem museum’s educational offer as a completion of syllabus. However, we try to make our lessons to contain something from college and interdisciplinary context.

Teacher has an ability to adjust topic of the lesson to realized programme. The only demanding is the lesson has to be within the confines of our facility’s type. Realizing humane lessons, teacher can order lesson expanding knowledge in a range of his choice, e.g. history of ancient Egypt’s art, ethnography/history concerning Beniowski and Madagascar or cultural geography of Asia.


Order of such lessons should be made in advance, so we can provide appropriate anchor – a person with dedicated education.



Afternoon discussion meetings within the confines of “Experiment” cycle. Purpose of those is to clash opinion of old folks and youth concerning chosen issue. Topics include actual media-social issue, as well as receivers. Its purpose is to exchange opinions, development of knowledge concerning arts, control difficult art of discussion.

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