Since the beginning the Museum carried out projects in the field of development education.

How to order lessons and workshops?

To order the lessons or workshops of the Municipal Museum in Zory, please contact by telephone 32 43 43 714 ext. 201, or personally in the Museum Reception.

Schedule of classes conducted in the Regional Education Centre in Osiny, which is part of the Municipal Museum is run under the number 32 43 41 193. Classes are held in the common room of Municipal Culture Center in Osiny (Street  Szkolna 55)



Education in museum

Education museum help to deepen the knowledge both about the museum exhibits presented at our exhibitions, as well as the broader context of historical and ethnological phenomena associated with them.

We offer education for different audiences (schools and teachers, adults, students, children and families). Museum lessons and workshops conducted by the Education Department in our Museum are adapted to the individual needs of our guests and create not only the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of both our region and the peoples of the world.

Classes, in addition to the headquarters, are also offered in the Museum Regional Education Centre, in the district of Zory - Osiny. These workshops, also titled "lessons of live regionalism”.

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