We try to create meeting’s vibe which aids discussion and thoughts exchange.

We sit next to the tables, within café vibe with an inspirational smell of freshly brewed coffee and a touch of sweets.

Family meetings can’t be without dedicated cake. Similarly we take off for a journey with a cookie and at “zabawkolandia” there’s always a bit. Shortly – Winnie the Pooh wouldn’t be mad.


Our museum is to your disposition.

Here you can organize a conference or meeting and museum interior can be used as a background of photo session.


All of the formalities concerning sharing of rooms are established individually at the Museum’s office or via phone – 32 43 43 714, internal – 200.


The Museum is adjusted to demands relevant to use by disabled people or parents with buggy.

In the building there’s a lift and the difference of levels is connected by a ramp. Amount of stairs at the exhibition part is depleted to the minimum.

All of the exhibition rooms are connected with each other, making getting of the visitors easier.

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