Opening of the exhibition on September 9, 2021 (Thursday), at 18.00

The exhibition "Poles in the Mine Basin Montceau Les Mines 1919-1939" is a summary of the life of Poles in the 20-year period abroad. The exhibition includes various historical texts, photographs, press clippings and interesting facts about the life of the Polish people who came to the mining area of ​​Montceau. On the boards you will find general information on important anniversary matters and important documents, as well as everyday matters related to the life of residents (photos from childhood, school period, extracurricular initiatives and interest and relationship circles, i.e. scouting, dancing, football, shooting).

The authors of the exhibition: animators of the Montceau Żory partnership and website, Christiane Duda and Gérard Soufflet.


Project partners:

City Żory

City Hall of Montceau-les-Mines

Montceau-Żory Partnership Association

Katowice Special Economic Zone

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